5 Tips for more profitable email marketing.
As companies continue to scale back their direct mail and print advertising, and increase e-mail programs, smart marketers recognize that more volume doesn’t necessarily translate into more profits. Here are five tips to help increase your email performance:

1. Streamline your opt-in form. Treat your Sign-Up forms like you would a landing page. Make sure to test and re-test them. Allow registrants to customize the information they’ll be receiving in your e-mails.
2. Expand your e-mail coverage. Put your email newsletters on your web site, Facebook page, Twitter account and Blog to improve your presence in search engines and track visitor activity.
3. Segment your file. Increase response rate by tailoring content to specific target audiences. Segments may include: title, function, department, demographics, geographics and status (new, active or inactive).
4. Make your call to action stronger. Use active copy, promote special offers, allow recipients to take action via e-mail, phone, and sharing with viral/social tools; and encourage recipients to forward, buy, download or respond to your message.
5. Target your messaging. Identify opportunities to send specific messages to leads and customers to maintain the relationship and/or move it to the sales channel.

For help creating more effective e-mail marketing programs, call Lori at 877.447.0134, x111.


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