Video Tips for Business

Video can be very powerful for your business. You need to use it correctly to get the most out of it.
Here are some tips on how to use YouTube:

1. Create and customize your channel. Add your branding, customize the colors to match your company’s palette, and add appropriate information with links.

2. Don’t add comments that appear on top of your footage. It’s distracting and looks unprofessional.

3. Engage with the YouTube community. Check out other content on the site, favorite videos and make “friends”. Look at content or channels that cover your local area or discipline, or find content that represents causes you support. Keep up on YouTube’s news and features.

4. Organize content. Make your content viewer-friendly. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and organize accordingly. Group videos in Playlists, or organize older content into archives (by month, season, year or subject). YouTube offers the option to embed entire playlists (in addition to individual videos) into external sites, so create, describe and title them carefully.

5. Add tags. Content is organized with tag words. There are approximately 15 categories to choose from. Try to use the most relevant. Monitor how your videos perform so you can make an informed decision about future categories.

6. Promote your videos. When you post a video, blog about it, post it on Twitter and your Facebook Page, and embed the video in a blog post.

7. Use analytics. Click the “Insight” button on every uploaded video. This info offers valuable stats, demographics, community, and discovery data –how users found your video, and the links that got them there.

8. Stay active. Even if you don’t have new content to post, log in to stay on top of comments, friend requests, and favorites.


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