5 Marketing Tips to Help You Prosper

As a creative who understands marketing, I’m always trying to tweak existing formats to get them to work better – generating new business for clients. As president of BersonDeanStevens, I seek to reinvent the way companies go about customer acquisition, retention and win-back campaigns by combining the power of design and digital marketing.

With over 20 years of creative and marketing experience, a degree from UCLA, teaching at UCLA, and experience working with Fortune 500 clients including; Charles Schwab, Dole and Disney, I’ve had the opportunity to see what works. When developing new marketing campaigns, here are 5 things that will help you prosper:

1. Get Recipients to Stop and See
Make sure they see ‘what’s in it for me.’
To be successful, use all the creative tools available: format, windows, substrates, printing techniques, color, illustration, photography, interactivity, motion, sound, music, copy, pURLs and gURLs, landing pages, and a great offer. The goal is to stand out, visually and conceptually. You can’t have one without the other. Stop them and keep them with a relevant concept that grabs them.

2. Create Strong Concepts
Don’t use design tricks. The concepts need to be exceptional.

3. Get Prospects Involved
Your copy must be engaging. Use an interactive element such as a sticker or stamp to move to an order card, an interesting tab, sound, motion… almost anything that keeps your prospect involved. Make sure your message and value proposition is relevant to your audience.

4. Easy to Read and Easy to Find = Better Response
Typography and design are extremely important. If done right, you can lead your prospect through your offer and generate sales.
You’ve got to make it look good, but remember it must be readable and searchable.

5. Take Risks and Be Creative
Don’t get lazy. Many marketers exhaust concepts by using them too often. Be careful to keep everything from looking too similar. Explore new options and be unique. Don’t follow… lead your competition.

Learn from each campaign. Measure response. Develop unique relevant campaigns. And measure again. You’ll see the difference.


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