Email Metrics for More Successful Campaigns

ROEM (Return on Email Volume): Certain email programs, such as  triggered emails, deliver much greater return or revenue than others based on volume sent. This shows that adding that recurring birthday email program may actually provide better ROI than simply sending another broadcast email.

ARED (Average Revenue Per Email Delivered): A simple way to measure the pure effectiveness of your emails in generating revenue. Calculated by dividing total revenue by number of emails delivered (not just sent).

Percent Active(PA): Measures how many subscribers (expressed as percentage of email list) have opened or clicked over a specific time period, such as six or 12 months.

List Hurdle Rate(LHR): How many new subscribers you must attract not just to replace those lost to churn — unsubscribes, spam complaints and inactivity — but also to meet your annual (or other time frame) list-growth goal.

Churn to Clicks Ratio: The ratio of unsubscribes and spam complaints per message to unique clicks. Benchmarked over many messages, this comparison allows you to understand the correlation between your positive call to action content and links and negative churn.

Cost Savings

Contact Deferral Rate(CDF): This measures which alternative communication channels customers use instead of the call center (online communities, email, direct mail, FAQs, social media, etc.). With email, emails can be designed to educate and solve FAQs for customers, greatly reducing costly call center calls.

Reach/Brand Lift/Viral Effect

SRV (Subscriber Referral Value): Measures subscriber value in terms of additional revenue generated from existing subscriber referrals via share-to-social and forward-to-a-friend links.

Viral Reach (VR): Calculation of a campaign’s reach through subscriber postings in social networks, discussion groups, forwarded email and other online sources.

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