2 Ways to Mail Smarter and Save Money

If not run properly, taking advantage of the current technologies and knowledge, a direct mail program can lose serious money, especially in this economy.

Here are two key ideas to save money:
1. Be accurate and on time
The more records you can provide ZIP+4 codes for, the more money you’ll save on postage and the better deliverability will be.

Mailers should perform National Change of Address (NCOA) updating as part of every mail campaign—not just once every two to three months. The benefits in deliverability and improved response will more than cover the costs.

2. Consider all the options, and costs, before the design phase begins
Shape, size and paper stock definitely matter when it comes to designing your direct mail pieces. Several problems could occur, such as using glossy stocks or post-production finishes for ink jet printing or not designing peek-a-boo windows to allow for the shifting of envelope contents.

To make sure that a design will work before implementing it, mailers need to review design concepts with printers, lettershops and the U.S. Postal Service mailpiece design specialists—and to test and measure. Initial costs will be more, but future postal savings will offset this expense. -eMC, June 9, 2010


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