Measure Phone Calls from Google Adwords

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A new feature from Google Adwords that automatically includes a unique phone number in your ads to measure the calls that you receive from AdWords.

You can cross-check your call metrics reports with your sales records to see what customers call the toll-free number and purchase in your store versus customers who purchase online.

With call metrics, you’ll now have proof that online search ad campaigns drive in-store purchases.

Google AdWords call metrics makes it easier than ever to measure the phone calls that AdWords generates for your business. Using the technology behind Google Voice, call metrics assigns your campaign a unique phone number which is automatically inserted into your ad on both desktop and high-end mobile devices, where the number is clickable.

When a user calls the number in your ad, the call is automatically routed to your business, and AdWords notes that this call took place. Then, when you look at your AdWords reports, you’ll see the number of calls generated by each campaign, call duration, and in the near future, caller area code. You’ll still only pay for clicks on your ads, but Google charge for call metrics in the future.

Once you know where your calls are coming from, you can refine your marketing strategy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your ads. For example, you could test different ad text variations to see which results in the most calls or reallocate budget to campaigns that truly bring you the highest ROI.

Currently, call metrics is only available to a limited number of US advertisers. Google plans to make the feature available to more advertisers in the coming months. To find out if call metrics is available in your account and to learn more about the feature, visit Google Ad Innovations.

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