7 Digital Marketing Trends

6 Digital Marketing TrendsChanges in digital marketing continue to be fast and furious. It can be challenging to keep up and to know which online services help and which services are a waste. As marketers, we all know our audiences have moved online to search for suppliers, products, and services, and digital marketing is the most effective way to connect with your prospects and customers.

Seven digital marketing trends to watch:
1. Video
Videos are inexpensive to produce and distribute. Plus many people like to watch instead read. Need some video ideas? Try interviews with executives, product managers, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or on-site visits to customers where your products are in use. It’s better not to use video, than risk damaging your brand with unprofessional videos. For easy and affordable custom videos try www.VMakers.com, a new service from the Hollywood studio experts.

2. Online events
Virtual events, webinars and/or online trade shows, are made possible by high bandwidth availability and technologies that allow media companies to produce and host interactive experiences. Targeted online events offer an opportunity to showcase your products and services, build brand awareness, provide content, and connect with prospects and customers. What’s more, it’s convenient – you and your audience can do it all from your desktop.

3. Social Marketing
Make sure you have a social media plan and consider your specific reasons and goals. Many companies use social media for branding, awareness and lead-generation purposes, yet only 3 percent of companies state that social media is one of their top three sources for leads. Increasing brand awareness and building relationships are the outcomes most effectively achieved. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for business audiences, followed by Facebook and then Twitter. Remember to include sharing on all communications.

4. Digital Content
Content still is king. Look at the large volume of e-readers, like the Kindle, Nook, iPad and other devices. And it’s not just Web pages. There are videos, Webinars, PDFs, e-books, interactive tools and more. Your customers and prospects need content to help them do their jobs and make better decisions. Your job is to create that digital content and get it to them.

5. Online Banner Advertising
Banner advertising has strong value because of highly targeted advertising networks that can place your ads on specific sites visited by industry professionals. Online advertising networks also offer the convenience of reaching many sites with a single buy, helping you save time and effectively use your budget. Plus banner ads are available on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Banner ads are highly visual; with great branding and lead generation opportunities. They are a great vehicle to get people to your website.

6. Mobile
Make sure your web site, email campaigns and ad campaigns are optimized for viewing on PDAs, smart phones, iPads and other small devices. More and more people view and triage email via mobile device.

7. Testing and Analytics
One major advantage of digital media is that it is easy to test and measure. A/B and multi-variate testing is a great way to optimize e-mail campaigns, landing/web pages and other online media. Every company should perform web site analytics, such as measuring traffic, page views, browsers, and visitor behavior to help make informed decisions about optimizing your campaigns and web site.


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