8 Tools to Monitor Your Brand

Brand Reputation
1. Topsy
Free real-time search for the social web.

2. Social Mention
Real time social media search and analysis. Like Google Alerts for social media. Track keywords and learn what’s trending.

3. Backtweets
Search for links to your website or content on Twitter. See who’s talking about and linking to your brand and content. Connect Backtweets to your Google Analytics account to see how your tweets translate to traffic to your website.

4. Tweetbeep
Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products or your company, with updates by e-mail. Also keep track of who is sharing links to your website or blog, even if a URL shortener like bit.ly or tinyurl.com is used.

5. Twitter Search
Search and filter Twitter in real time for free.
Simply enter the words or phrases, people, places, dates and even attitudes that you’d like to watch for on Twitter.

6. Monitter
Free search tool that allows you to monitor a set of keywords on Twitter. You can even narrow your search to a particular geographic location.

7. Twilert
Free Web app that sends you regular e-mail updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service, or keyword. Like Google Alerts, but for Twitter.
Register with your Google or Twitter account.

8. Sprout Social
Turn social media connections into loyal customers.
Contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, reporting, analytics, and more.

For help with brand management and social media marketing,
contact Lori at 877.447.0134, x111.


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