New Video Marketing Workshop, June 2, 2012!

Art Center College of Design
Art Center College of Design Offers New Workshop
“Video Marketing: What You Need to Know”

Learn How to Use the Power of Video to Gain a Competitive Advantage
Art Center at Night, the continuing studies program at Art Center College of Design, has designed an exciting new course for Summer 2012. A well-respected video marketing professional has been selected to share insider knowledge and expertise – Lori Berson, owner, BersonDeanStevens, Inc. and VMakers.

Video is the medium of choice for online communications. Agencies and clients today demand engaging and interactive content that is highly functional, intuitive and measurable. In this one-day introduction to video marketing, you’ll gain tactics, strategies and knowledge to apply within your digital communications to help publishers, advertisers and brand marketers improve effectiveness and drive sales. Whether you are involved in creating web sites, point of purchase displays, trade shows, exhibits and/or signage, video knowledge is imperative. Understand how to leverage video to map out your video marketing strategy, evaluate tactical directions and select distribution methods. Learn how to use the power of online video to improve the reach and effectiveness of brand communications and promotions, educate and train, demonstrate, engage, and sell.

Topics include: production; processes; variables; budgets; delivery; measurement; challenges; platforms, devices and browsers; encoding; content; social media integration; marketing, sales and IT involvement.

“Marketers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals seeking video marketing knowledge are fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from such a talented and experienced instructor,” said Dana L. Walker, Managing Director, Public Programs and Director, Art Center at Night.

About Art Center College of Design
A leader in art and design education for over 80 years, Art Center College of Design offers a rigorous and transdisciplinary curriculum, a faculty of professionals, strong ties to industry and commitment to socially responsible design.

Art Center at Night (ACN)

The continuing studies program at Art Center College of Design, allows adult learners the opportunity to explore a wide range of college-level courses in design and the visual arts. Instructors are practicing artists and designers who understand what it takes to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the creative fields. Rigorous, hands-on learning is stressed in classes taught by the same outstanding faculty who teach in Art Center’s degree programs.

About BersonDeanStevens, Inc.
BersonDeanStevens, Inc. is a full service design and interactive communications agency creating business building solutions for Fortune 500, middle-market and start-up companies for over 21 years. BersonDeanStevens, Inc. has been responsible for brand development, corporate identity, advertising, interactive solutions, web development, social media, email marketing, packaging and video production for industry leaders such as Disney, Charles Schwab, Seinfeld, The Hollywood Reporter, Space Bag and Dole, among others.

About VMakers
An online video marketing and production company that provides complete video marketing solutions for small businesses, big brands, agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. VMakers’ state-of-the-art technology and video experts from Disney, Warner Brothers, NBC, Paramount, CBS and Fox, create affordable high quality videos that help you sell more, make more and succeed!


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