5 Twitter Tips To Increase Business

Twitter logo5 tips to increase business opportunities on Twitter:
1. Get mobile with Twitter Accessing Twitter wherever you are makes it easier to respond to requests quickly and allows you to optimize spare time to see if people are shopping for your services.
2. Offer advice Showcase your expertise and accessibility over Twitter. It’s not about giving away free services but sharing information and becoming a trusted resource, which might spread far and wide. Your words of wisdom will reach far more potential customers than your silence.
3. Be quick If you don’t offer your services to somebody looking, your competitors will.
4. Reach out to communities of tweeters The more networks you are engaged in and the more people you follow and engage with, the fewer degrees of separation there will be between you and potential business leads.
5. Demonstrate credentials Make sure you link from your Twitter profile to your website that features your location, qualifications and credentials. Include as much as possible on your Twitter profile.

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