The Future of Digital Marketing

1. The future of digital marketing is personalization

Customers behave in unique ways, and while it’s a given that segmentation makes a real difference, the current challenge is to provide truly granular relevance. Many organizations are delving increasingly into marketing automation.

2. Customers want honesty

Social has seen big moves towards integration in the past year, with large brands looking beyond the hype and genuinely engaging their customers. Scalability is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

It’s important to appeal to customer’s emotions. Customers want more than “Likes” and freebies, they want transparency and real value.

3. Mobile has come of age

The demand from consumers is for integrated experiences, across multiple devices, at a time that suits them. Mobile gives marketers the ability to target at an unprecedented level, with technology and penetration constantly increasing. NFC payment platforms continue to increase, and it’s up to marketers to ensure that confidence remains high across the board, and that cross-device incompatibility is kept to an absolute minimum.

4. Content is king

Content creation and curation. The ability of curation to add context and strengthen the reputation of both the curator and the creator has become increasingly important.

An increasing number of marketing departments are finding content marketers to join them, with more businesses entering the publishing realm.  Producing content isn’t enough. You have to make sure the right people see it, which is where seeding and collaborative sharing comes in. – eConsultancy

Remember to appeal to emotion, to display personality and to add value to every step of the customer journey.

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The Future of Digial Marketing


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