9 Tips to Leverage Google+ For Business

Google+Google+ is now the second largest social networking site with over 500 million registered users. Every business should make it a part of their marketing efforts. What’s more, the Google+ features and services go beyond the other social media networks offerings.

Here are nine tips on how to use Google+ to help your business gain a competitive advantage.

1. Set Up and Update Your Local Business Information

Set up your local business information such as your telephone, name and address. If your information already shows up in Google’s search results, you can use it to update and manage your information. Setting up a Google+ local page will also help you get listed for local search queries.

2. Set Up Authorship to Increase Conversions

Setting up authorship with your Google+ account will ensure that the content you create is attributed to you. That means that the domain that you have authorship connected with will be given more weight than other sites that are using the content. Authorship will also help you get more visibility in the search engine results with authorship markup in the form of a profile picture.

3. Increase Search Engine Traffic

Leverage Google+ to get more search engine traffic. For example, people that have followed your Google+ page will get your content shown on their Google search results if the content is relevant to their search query. There are even rumors of Google using +1’s as a social signal that contributes to rankings and Google giving more weight to Google+ authors in the search results.

4. Expand Your Audience – Link Google+ to Your Web Site, Blog, and Social Media Accounts

Linking your web site to your Google+ page will drive more traffic to it from Google. Also, linking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media accounts will drive more traffic to those sites as well.

Because Google+ is one of the largest social networks online, marketing your Google+ and building followers will extend the reach of your business to a new audience. Google+ has many of the same features designed to connect with people that you find in Facebook. You’ll be able to make regular posts, chat with your network, and check into locations.

5. Use Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities allow users to create ongoing conversations about particular topics.

There are three levels of communities: owners, moderators, and members. Owners and moderators are in charge of content — members can post content, but the moderator can delete and mark as spam.

Through other community pages, you may encounter people looking for your goods or services. You can also search current and established threads for relevant content.

Think of Google+ Communities as a gathering place for your passions — this is a way for you to seek out a specific group and target your marketing and interactions with your audience.

6. Use Google+ Hangouts

From a conference call with up to 10 people, to a one-on-one meeting, to broadcasting a webinar — Google+ Hangouts lets you do it all.

If you do a Hangout on Air, it is simultaneously broadcast on Google+ and YouTube and is recorded and sent to you in an email.

Hangouts can be used for more than just webinars. Use it for tutorials, product demonstrations, Q & As, panel discussions, or testimonial reviews.

7. Post Consistently and Optimize for SEO

You will rank higher on Google the more consistent, relevant, and content-based your posts are.

Make sure you post content that adds value to the community and use images to inform and educate. Lists, infographics, photos and illustrations work best. Include the metadata and alt text.

8. Organize Connections with Circles and Network with Other Business Owners

Circles (think “groups” on Facebook) allow you to organize your connections into groups. You can share content with specific groups without others seeing it.

You can sort people into Circles of family, friends, work, social media influencers, entertainment, news, politics, your classmates… anything.

Reach out to potential businesses to collaborate with and keep your contacts organized so that you can easily initiate relevant conversations.

9. Use Hashtags

Like Twitter, Google+ uses hashtags to make searching for topics easier.

When you search for a term it will show all the stream updates that contain the same hashtag. Right now, the search results for hashtags also show posts that mention the keyword — regardless of whether it has a hashtag or not.

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