Ad Execs Relying on Publishers for Branded Content [survey]

Marketers branch out beyond email, websites to deliver branded content

Content marketing is only getting bigger, especially as publishers and advertisers push the style and distribution of the format in new directions. According to an April 2013 survey of US marketing and advertising executives from international newspaper website MailOnline, 70% of brands and 77% of agencies used content marketing for advertising purposes during the previous year.

Ad executives indicated that the actual content in their content marketing was sourced from a variety of places. Fifty-eight percent of agencies said they had obtained branded content from the publishers from whom they purchased media, making it the most popular source. Clients were the second most popular origin for content, at 49%, followed by third-party content creators (37%) and internal entertainment divisions (23%).

While brands are first taking their content to the expected channels—websites and email—they’re also branching out to other delivery platforms. Nearly seven in 10 respondents distributed their content in digital media other than email or the brand’s own website, while 67% purchased advertising space for their content. Two-thirds of those polled also said they partnered with content providers to create branded content, a trend that has potential for growth as the traditional role of editorial continues to erode and native advertising gets more attention.

Marketers and advertisers interested in content marketing also face the challenge of figuring out what form their content should take. A January 2013 study of marketing decision-makers worldwide conducted by marketing software company CopyPress found that the most marketers thought the best return on investment (ROI) came from featured articles (62%), videos (52%) and white papers (46%).

With the adoption of content marketing in full swing, figuring out what type of media provides the best bang for the buck will be an ongoing point of interest for ad execs.-eMarketer

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