14 Brands That Increased Revenue with Responsive Web Site Design

Responsive Web Site Design
Missing revenue opportunities?
Can you afford not to redesign your web site to be mobile friendly? 

If you need some examples of the positive impact of mobile friendly web sites then here are a bunch of companies that have benefited from significant uplift in the key metrics following the implementation of responsive design.

Lovehoney [+60% to 100% CR]

Bench [+100% CR]

State Farm [+56% CR]

Baines & Ernst [+51% CR]

Horze [+19% CR]

FreshSparks [+13% CR]

CareerBuilder [+20% email CTR]

Harviestoun [+28% mobile traffic]

Need more proof?

Let’s start with Brad Frost:

First of all, some numbers are coming back on responsive retail sites and they’re looking pretty damn good. 42.4% conversion rate increases. Over 400% (!) conversion rate increases for Android.

Beauty brand Nars [+54% mobile CR]:

In addition to the 54 percent increase in smartphones, check-out conversions from a tablet increased 24 percent as a result of the site launch. The company decided to roll out a responsive site because of limited teams and structure that could not back up three different sites.

Here are another five brands which have all achieved remarkable increases in the key metrics after going down the responsive route.

Ready to redesign your web site for mobile?
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