The Future of Marketing is Automation

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Email is one of the most widely used and established platforms and has long been the cornerstone of many business-to-business (B2B) marketing plans.

Even as new digital marketing and advertising platforms, formats, and channels draw companies’ attention and budgets, email remains vitally important and is arguably more valued by B2B marketers now more than ever before. While its core function has not changed substantially, there are new developments and challenges marketers must address: mobile, content marketing and automation.

marketing automation

For B2B marketers today—personalizing messages and integrating channels are vital, and automation is essential for executing those tactics.

With content marketing now mandatory for email marketers and mobile making it critical that B2Bs reach the right individual with the right message at the right moment, it becomes nearly impossible to personalize email marketing without some form of automation.

B2B marketers recognize the value of marketing automation solutions, but many have been slow to fully integrate the technology into their sales and marketing efforts. Data released in November 2013 by BtoB Magazine showed just 26% of US B2B marketers had completely integrated automation into their sales and marketing initiatives at the end of 2013. More than half (52%), however, expected full marketing automation adoption for this year.

marketing automation features

Automation solutions are often broad and can be applied across multiple channels and formats, but for most, email automation is vital. B2B marketers surveyed by Regalix in March 2014 reported that among marketing automation features, email automation was the most important to them.

One significant insight from the Regalix data is that marketers say the email technology they need is not simply mechanisms to automate and manage email. Instead, they want sophisticated systems to manage cross-channel campaigns and deliver personalized, targeted experiences to customers.

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How Digital Optimization Leaders Differ [study]

Digital Optimization Leaders
Increasing conversion rates is a top digital priority for marketers this year, and a new study from Adobe offers insights into the ways in which the top 20% of performers (by conversion rate) differ from the other 80%. Among the highlights, the survey results indicate that the top 20% are more likely to use testing as a form of decision-making, and are 54% more likely to be allocating more than 5% of their marketing budgets to optimization activities.

Digital Optimization Leaders Differ

In fact, 1 in 10 top performers reported directing more than one-quarter of their total marketing budgets to optimization activities (including agency fees, professional services, technology), versus 5% of the bottom 80%.

Not surprisingly, the top-performers were more likely than the rest to use a range of customer experience measurement and optimization tactics. Some of the biggest gaps were for audience segmentation (+111%), use of mobile analytics (+90%) and performing A/B testing (+60%).

Also of note: the top 20% was almost twice as likely as the rest to report that multiple departments have input into the optimization process (15% vs. 8%). They were also more likely to use an automated program to determine significance and program winners and far less likely to use manual testing and analysis.

Finally, the study’s results indicate that top-performers are more attuned to mobile than their counterparts: some 83% said that it is very (41%) or somewhat (42%) important to focus on mobile to support their cross-channel efforts this year. By contrast, a relatively smaller two-thirds of the other respondents placed that degree of importance on mobile.

About the Data: The Adobe 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey had more than 1,000 respondents globally – 60% from North America, 27% from Europe, and 13% from Asia.

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